Oliver library catalogue

How to access the Oliver library catalogue

For teachers

1. Open-up the DEC Insight page in the DoE portal. 

2.  If you haven't added the "Oliver My Library" icon to your list of icons do so by clicking on the add to essentials + sign.  

3. Select the Oliver icon and press on the plus sign within it.  Click save. 

4. click on the icon to take you to the Oliver library catalogue.


For students

Here at the college, you will be able to go to your shortcuts and click on the student portal link.  This will take you directly to your portal page. But, at home, you won't have the Shortcuts icon, so you will need to follow the process below.

1. Open up a Google search page.  You should try to use Google Chrome rather than Internet Explorer.

2. Type in DoE login.

3. Click on the link "DoE Login".  

4. Put in your username and password.

5. When you see your student portal page, click agree in the bottom left-hand corner.

6. In the portal page look for the "Oliver My Library" icon in the top, left-hand corner.