Library Notices

Hello Students and Teachers.  


Collections relocated

The Book Box and Graded Readers have moved to beside Study Room 2 on the display stands. 


The picture books are now situated mainly on the wonderful, wooden, new book stand near the red chairs.  You may notice, going down from the top of the book case, that there are Year 11 and 12 HSC related texts, then books focusing on journeys and discovery. 


HSC and Preliminary study guides, such as Dot Points, Cambridge Checkpoints and Success one, have been relocated to the corner outside the Learning Centre.  This should make it easier for Stage 6 students and teachers to browse the collections, especially because they are now all in one spot.


The library collection of realia and art contains to grow with the addition of some cool woodwork.  This has been moved from the Fiction section to the shelving under the windows.  


In front of Learning Support are the magazine racks.  The magazines on the wall-mounted racks are for latest magazines and journals.  To the right of the door are magazines and journals from Feb 2015 to the present.


Accessing Sydney Morning Herald online

To access the Sydney Morning Herald online for FREE through the State Library of New South Wales:

  • Type in or go to this link 
  • Click on Research and Collections
  • You will see in a blue box Get a Library Card
  • Click on that and do what is required and you will get a library card.  The State Library will send it to you and you can also join the library over the phone.
  • Then click on eResources in bluey-grey
  • Scroll down and you will see that the SMH online is one of the featured databases.
  • Click on that and enter your library card.
  • Click on the latest month and you are reading.


General news

As always, the library is a very busy, vibrant and dynamic hub of the school with many students using all areas of the space.  It was particularly good to see students making use of the fiction section, and the furniture there, on Thursday, to complete assignments and classwork using laptops and Ipads. Ah, all those lovely books to borrow and read.


If you haven't done so already check out the improved Fiction section.  Borrow a book while you are there.  Remember, students who find time to read are more successful, not just in their studies but throughout life.


Accessing wifi

If you haven't already done so, change your own mobile device to secure proxy authentication so as to take advantage of the wifi in the library.